Wild Hawthorn Berry Fruit Tea 100g

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Forget hawthorn supplements such as pills, tablets or powder. Go the natural way with our fresh Hawthorn berries, which are naturally dried and cut in slices for a perfect infusion.

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Hawthorn berries are often dried and sliced in China to be used as casual herbal tea or prepared as a herbal medicine, resulting in a anti-oxidant and vitamin C rich beverage. The fruits release a pleasantly natural sweet and sour flavour that you’ll love, without any reliance on artificial flavouring and colouring

LOLOTEA’s hawthorn fruit tea is completely caffeine free and therefore suitable to drink during any moment of the day. Due to the highly concentrated flavour as a result of natural drying, the same berries can be re-steeped multiple times when consumed as a tea. Simply brew a few berries in hot water and start drinking when the flavour reaches the intensity you love.

When used as herbal medicine, hawthorn slices are often cooked together with honeysuckle flowers, goji berries, and/or jujubes (red dates) on low fire.

The Legend of Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn berries have quite some cultural significance in China and there are two legends that are pretty well known.

The first legend is about a emperor who deeply loves his concubine Bai Jing, but got separated from her because officials believe that she’s a witch. As she was forced to leave the palace, she decided to live on top of a hill. She misses the emperor so much that she starts to pray and wish for reunification. However, as time passes, she turns into a tree. When the emperor finds the tree, he starts crying and the sky starts crying with him. The tree then grows red fruits (Hawthorn berries) as a sign of happiness, because Bai Jing’s wish was fulfilled.

Perhaps a second legend is even more influential as it’s related to Hawthorn candies and syrups that are still made today in China. It was during the Song Dynasty when the most beloved princess got sick and there was absolutely no medicine that could effectively cure her. One day a doctor diagnosed her ‘qi’ by examining the pulses in her wrist. The doctor advised her to simply eat 5-10 sugar coated hawthorn berries a day for 2 weeks. And as every legend ends happily ever after, you can imagine that it did wonders.

Hawthorn Tea Benefits & Attention

Regular consumption of Hawthorn tea can be beneficial for the heart and blood vessels and it might also help to balance one’s blood pressure. However, it’s not recommend when you’re pregnant or suffer from a heart disease.

Hawthorn tea can also have some side effects such as nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and upset stomach. When you do not feel well, stop the use of hawthorn tea and consult a doctor.

More Information
Tea Province Shandong
Tea Region Various Villages
Harvest Year 2023
Tea Season Spring
Steeping temperature 100 °C – 212 °F
Amount / 500ml (17oz) 3 gram
Steeping time 1.5 min
Amount (traditional) / 100ml (3.4oz) 5 gram
Steeping Time (traditional) 30 sec
Tea Cultivar/Varietal n/a
Tea in Chinese 山楂
Gluten-free yes
Tea Caffeine Content free


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