Tartary Buckwheat Tea – Soba Tea 100g

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100% organically grown, gluten-free buckwheat tea. It offers an exceptionally smooth texture with a robust aroma of nuts and grains. Caffeine free and may perfectly complement a weight loss diet.

Tartary buckwheat tea, also known as soba tea, is not related to normal wheat. Unlike wheat, it’s related to the grass family of plants. While it’s consumed for hundreds of years in China and other countries in Asia such as Japan, Korea, and Singapore. However, it’s yet to be discovered in the West.


Our special type of buckwheat tea (also known as ‘soba tea’ and ‘green buckwheat’) is from Daliangshan that can be considered the world’s Mecca of this herbal tea type. This mountain area is situated 2000 to 3000 meters above sea level with a cold climate, fertile soil and sunshine all year round. These ideal environmental conditions results in a superior grade tartary buckwheat.

The Health Benefits

Even though tartary buckwheat has an amazing taste, most people only discover this when they buy it for the health benefits.

Besides containing several mineral and vitamin B, buckwheat is famous for its rutin content that is also present in citrus fruits, berries and asparagus. Rutin helps against high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and can even help prevent against different types of cancer. Buckwheat is known to reduce the risk of diabetes. A recent publication in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry also suggests that soba tea may also be useful in managing diabetes.

Tartary buckwheat also contains choline, which is a vitamin B type that improves your metabolism and decreases cholesterol and blood pressure levels. This is why tea made from this low calorie herb is often part of a healthy diet.

More Information
Tea Province Sichuan
Tea Region Daliangshan
Harvest Year 2023
Tea Season Summer
Steeping temperature 100 °C – 212 °F
Amount / 500ml (17oz) 3 gram
Steeping time 1 min
Amount (traditional) / 100ml (3.4oz) 5 gram
Steeping Time (traditional) 20 sec
Tea Cultivar/Varietal n/a
Tea in Chinese 苦荞
Gluten-free yes
Tea Caffeine Content caffeine free


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