Da Hong Pao Tea – Wuyi Big Red Robe 100g

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Enjoy a sophisticated, complex flavour with woody roast, aroma of orchid flowers, finished with subtle caramelised sweetness. Up to 12 steeps when applying Chinese kungfu brewing as you can expect from a true Wuyi rock tea.
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Region of Da Hong Pao tea

Da Hong Pao, the most popular Wuyi rock tea direct from its origin Wuyishan, Fujian. This authentic oolong has the characteristic ‘rock’ flavor from the mineral rich hills of the protected Wuyishan nature reserve. The large dark leaves brew bright orange soup that demonstrate a lasting flowery fragrance of orchid. Drinks smooth and gives you with a satisfying aftertaste.

Health Benefits

While Da Hong Pao lovers mainly buy this Wuyi tea for its taste, they at the same time enjoy many health benefits. What you hear most rock tea fans say is that they love to drink this infusion after heavy meals or when they require more mental energy. Wuyi oolong tea clears the mind, reduces fatigue, improves digestion and has detoxifies the body.

Red Robe Da Hong Pao and other oolong teas are rich in antioxidant, which is said to be a very strong dilator of blood vessels. As the antioxidant may help the blood flow more easily through arteries, it can protect against heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Studies also showed that women who drink oolong tea can reduce risk of ovarian cancer by 6%.

Tea Province Fujian
Tea Region Wuyishan
Harvest Year 2023
Tea Season Spring
Steeping temperature 100 °C – 212 °F
Amount / 500ml (17oz) 3 gram
Steeping time 40s
Amount (traditional) / 100ml (3.4oz) 5 gram
Steeping Time (traditional) 5 sec
Tea Cultivar/Varietal Qi Dan
Tea in Chinese 武夷大红袍
Gluten-free yes
Tea Caffeine Content high


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